Please complete this questionnaire which you will be asked a range of questions about your volunteering experience. You are not asked for your name or the name of the organisation you volunteer with, so individual answers will remain anonymous.

DARD is carrying out this piece of work with the suport of rural community organinsations, to help understand the impact of volunteering in rural areas of Northern Ireland. It will also help to inform the type of support provided to ruarl community development work in the future, the vast majority of which is only possible with the support and effort of volunteers.

The answers you provide will be treated confidentially. The responses provided will ollated into a report by DARD staff and will be used to inform DARD strategic planning. the findings will be broken down to council area level and will be made available to you through your local rural community supportorganisation. It will only take 5 minutes or so to complete the questionnaire as it is mostly all tick box questions.

Once you have copmpleted your final question, the electronic survey will close and will be stored securely online. Individual responses will only be accessible by DARD staff.

If you have any questions about the questionnaire or any aspect of the research contact:-

Aidan Smyth Tel 028 30253278

Hazel Finlay Tel 028 30253265

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