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DAERA Rural Community Development Support Scheme

TADA is one of seven providers awarded this contract to provide local community development support and advice service.

DAERA recognises the need to support community development in rural areas and has supported this through current funding of rural community development through its Tackling Rural Poverty and Social Isolation Framework.  The aims of the Rural Community Development Support Service are:

– to ensure regional coverage and local delivery of rural community development support across Northern Ireland;

– to support individuals and communities in rural areas in improving their economic and social sustainability;

– to support the increased participation of minority protestant communities in border areas in community development;

– to support rural communities, local authorities and other relevant stakeholders in the face of the restructuring of local government and the reorganisation of public policy and service delivery.

Our Mission

To help sustain vibrant local communities in rural areas through the development and support of all rural community groups and individuals by providing information, advocacy, capacity building and partnership working with all other relevant bodies.

Our Vision

To create a rural community which is confident, vibrant and dynamic, a community which is recognised on equal terms with its urban neighbours and one where social and economic well being together with equality of opportunity for all are established on the twin pillars of a structured stable and settled rural way of life for all its citizens.

Our Aims & Objectives

  • Investing in the capacity of people and communities in rural areas which seek to create change where it is needed.
  • Actively engaging people in rural communities to increase their influence in the decision making process that affect their every day lives.
  • Encouraging the development of partnerships between the community, voluntary and statutory sectors for the sustainability of rural communities.
  • Advocating on behalf of rural communities in The Armagh, Down, Antrim areas.
  • Providing direct support, information, networking and group development.

Our Roles

TADA Rural Support Network provides support tailored to meet the needs of local rural communities by;

  • Working in partnership with other agencies to provide better access to rural services.
  • Networking with other community, voluntary and statutory agencies, improving the quality of life for people living in rural areas.
  • Facilitating rural community groups to achieve their objectives.
  • Provide group development, support and mentoring.
  • Bring communities together to provide opportunities for community dialogue.
  • Support rural regeneration.
  • Advocate on behalf of rural communities.
  • Putting rural issues at the heart of policy making.
  • Sharing information, skills, knowledge and resources to seek to add value to local initiatives.

Our Values

Collective working – working alongside those who are most vulnerable, to create change.

Equality and Justice – raise awareness about inequality and how to make change.

Learning and reflecting – recognising that everyone has skills and knowledge and how to best utilise those abilities in areas that will benefit their community.

Encouraging active participation – we strive to support individuals to get involved and share responsibility throughout communities, increase people’s confidence in decision making.

Sustainability – TADA Rural Support Network works with and invests in rural communities to create and develop a robust rural community infrastructure


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