People can often find themselves secluded, especially in rural areas. We aim to change this by providing online workshops and by running Community Hubs, which aims to bring people in isolated areas together to form lasting connections.

Help Packs

During the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns, people in rural areas found themselves in a more isolated position than normal with even more limited access to resources compared to their urban counterparts. TADA reached out to those in need and delivered:

– 60+ Gardening bundles

– 145+ Arts & Crafts kits were delivered children

– 200+ particpated in online fitness classes provided by Healthy Kidz over the course of 4 weeks

– 500+ Keep Warm Packs were delivered to different community groups; each containing thermal gloves, hats, scarves, socks and blankets. As well as something to keep them entertained such as mindfulness books, crosswords and colouring books.

Food Boxes were also delivered to those who supermarkets couldn’t reach and to those who couldn’t afford it.  

Community Hub Events

As part of , The ‘Creating Sustainable Communities’ programme is a joint initiative between T.A.D.A. and D.A.R.T. (Down Armagh Rural Transport Partnership). The main focus of this programme is to bring people from isolated areas into a community hub. This is to act as a space that is; open and accessible to the local community; providing services that the local community wants and needs.

At these events we have workshops and demonstrations of ways to keep fit as well as how to make your own aromatherapies. We also have stalls full of information from local organisations and Farm Family Health Checks for those who don’t get to see a doctor frequently. However, the main purpose of these events is to bring people together who may have not been able to get out in a long time, so they can form bonds with others in the community who have similar experiences.

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