TADA Rural Support Network is  pleased to announce the new online application process for the DAERA Rural Micro Capital Grant Scheme 2021  opens  Today Friday 01 October 2021 and close on Friday 22 October  at 12 noon.


Please see attached link which will allow organisations seeking to apply to RMCGS 2021  to access the application form and guidance – Login (outsystemsenterprise.com)


Please note you must register a username and password on the portal.


The RMCGS 2021 will focus on the following key themes:


  • Modernisation (of existing building(s) / assets),
  • Information & Communications Technology, and
  • Health and Wellbeing.


To be eligible to apply groups must


  • be a not-for-profit community / voluntary organisation
  • have a constitution or set of rules
  • have a specific bank / building society account
  • be based in a rural area
  • be able to spend and claim the grant by 31 March 2022
  • have a minimum of three people on the management committee
  • have an annual income less than £80,000 (not including in-year restricted funds, e.g. non-business / grant income).


If you need any support please contact TADA on 02838398888 or microgrants@tadarsn.com

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